The Original 

This is our Original call design


  • Features an adjustable o-ring on the tone board so you can go from a buck grunt to a doe bleat.
  • Barrels come in Maple, walnut or cherry

 This call is a very easy to use and has produced many trophy class bucks since 2008

Duck Calls

Calls built by a Hunter foe Hunters I know the Passion we love  


 wooden double reed duck calls 

beginners and experts will like high quality tone and ease of use.. comes in walnut, maple and osage orange

Wooden single reed duck call

for those that are fans of the single reed we have a easy to blow call that comes in maple, walnut and osage orange

acrylic double reed duck calls

our acrylics have a nice tone thats easy to blow works great on the water, in the flooded timber and also in the field