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Madison Deer Calls is now Madison Game Calls

In 2008 I started in the game call business as Madison Deer Calls. Then in 2016 I started to expand into other call lines so I decided to change the name of the company to Madison Game Calls. The call quality is still at its highest standard and we now have even more to offer you.


Call Makers Contests

We have national recognition! We’re proud to announce that we won or placed in the toughest call competitions in the country


2nd place Norseman Call Makers

3rd place Southeastern Call Makers


1st and 2nd Norseman Call Makers

1st and 2nd Midwest Call Makers

Outstanding Rookie Call Maker


1st place Norseman Call Makers

1st and 2nd Grand Nationals

2nd and 4th Southeast Call Makers

1st and 3rd Midwest Open


1st and 3rd Buckeye Challenge

1st and 3rd Grand Nationals 

2nd and 3rd Midwest Open

2nd and  3rd Virginia State

3rd and 4th Southeastern Call Makers


3rd Grand National


1st and 2nd Southeastern Call  Makers

1st and 3rd Buckeye Challenge

1st and 2nd Virginia State


1st and 2nd Buckeye Challenge 

1st and 2nd Virginia State

3rd and 5th Grand National 

1st Southeastern Call Makers


1st Buckeye Challenge 

1st Grand National 

1st and 2nd Virginia State









Catch Us at a Trade Show

Don’t forget that when the hunting seasons close. The Outdoor Trade Shows begins. We will update as the Trade Show season starts and what shows we will be at. It should be a lot of fun and we always look forward to seeing all of you.